Cold-Room Shelves

Our shelving system for cold-rooms is suitable for use in positive and negative temperature environments.

All parts are designed according to strict hygiene standards and are made of food-safe materials.

There are several ways to chose the parts that you need for your cold room size.

  • You can choose the straight line racking product, which allows you to pick the desired length and width of your shelves.
  • Another option is to hand pick the parts one by one. Please avoid ordering separate parts unless you have enough experience and you are absolutely sure that you know what you do. If not, do not bet that your bravery will be rewarded with luck!
  • The third option is to send us an email with your room dimensions and any special requirements that you have and maybe a sketch or two of how you imagine the layout. This is the best choice especially if you need to have a corner or mixed layouts with many different kinds of racks. This one is our favorite option and we never waste an opportunity to offer our services and assist you with your purchases.

If it is required we can provide a 3D visualization of the installation so you can rest assured that you will be able to build exactly what you see.

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