GastroPro Warranty

GastroPro IKE (from now on called the seller) guarantees to the purchaser of a commercial catering appliance (from now on called the buyer) that the product does not exhibit any defects due to its components, materials or assembly work.

During the warranty period, which is 1 (one) year from the date of purchase of the new product by the buyer, the seller or authorized technical support centers will repair the defective product at their premises without any charge for technician labor or spare parts, so that the product returns to good operating conditions. Any other claim by the buyer is excluded.

The company has the exclusive right to determine in its absolute discretion the way, time and place of repair of the product. The transportation and any insurance of the products to be repaired, from the buyer to the company premises or to the authorized technical support center is at the expense of the buyer.

The buyer will contact the seller, who will then arrange for the product to be repaired.
The buyer is required to provide proof of purchase of the product. For safer transportation, products shipped for repair to the seller must be carefully and safely packed preferably in their original (factory) packaging.

When does the warranty not apply:

In case of misuse, overuse or excessive use, inappropriate maintenance or non-compliance with the product's instructions.

In case of poor connection/wiring, connection without earthing.

In case of accidental destruction, negligence or ignorance, falling, exposure to extreme temperatures or humidity, vibration, liquid leaching, corrosion or damage during transport.

In case of damage resulting from changes in the electricity, water and gas networks.

If the installation has not been made by a qualified and licensed professional engineer or technician.

Electrical appliances which are sent without a plug, need to be commissioned by a certified electrician.
Gas appliances need to be commissioned by a certified gas engineer.
Refrigeration appliances need to be commissioned by a certified refrigeration engineer.

The buyer should provide the installer's invoice or any other document that proves installation has been done by a legally certified technician.

If a conversion or repair has been done by an unauthorized technician.

If the serial number or distinguishing marks of the device have been altered, removed or has become unreadable.

Glass or elastic parts, lamps, filters, resistors, and motors are not covered.

The electronic components of the devices are not covered if the fault is due to network voltage variations, phase failure. In order to avoid these situations, care should be taken by the buyer.


This guarantee is valid from the day the product was sold as a new one and only for the buyer as the final recipient. Also for any products resold by the final purchaser to a third party as a new one, the term of validity is based on the time of purchase by the first purchaser. Used products are not covered by the warranty.

Restoring, modifying or replacing components or spare parts during the warranty period extends the warranty period for an equal period of time but only for that replaced part.

If a technician visit is required by the client to his premises then this visit is charged, even when the product is covered by the warranty.

Installation, connection to power plants, replacement of consumables (eg filters, lamps) and regular maintenance are not considered as warranted services.

The seller is not responsible for any other loss or damage, consequential or incidental damage including any loss of profit or damages to third parties.

If, after completing the repair, the buyer does not come to receive the repaired item within a reasonable time of one (1) month from his written notice, then the seller: (a) shall not be liable for accidental, total or partial destruction of the item; b) issues an invoice for storage costs; and c) considers the appliance unclaimed after three (3) months from the completion of the repair.

The enterprise is not liable if, in accordance with good faith principles, the device does not meet the purchaser's expectations and the purpose for which he buys it when its use exceeds the reasonable limits of the expected operation of the device, when the product is used in a manner not defined by the manufacturing specifications and instructions or it is operated in an unpredictable environment and conditions for the manufacturer.

The buyer should provide all reasonable information, cooperation, facilities, and access to enable the seller to perform its duties, and in case of non-observance of the above, the seller will not be obliged to perform any service or support.

In case of damage within the warranty period, the seller must be informed immediately and in any event within the warranty period.

It is clarified that this guarantee is given under Article 5 of Law 2.251 / 1994 and is added to the legal rights of the buyer provided for in the Greek Law, which is not affected by this guarantee.

The extent of the territorial validity of the guarantee is the territory of the European Union. The courts of Athens are responsible for each dispute.

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